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Occupational Therapy

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Activity Analysis: Brushing Teeth


There are many steps involved when it is time for an individual to brush their teeth. In order to perform this activity, I needed to walk into the bathroom, turn on the light, and find my specific tooth brush. Then I needed to pick up the brush and tooth paste, remove the cap and squeeze the tooth paste on to the brush. Then it was time to turn the water on, move my arm back and forth to brush my teeth, spit, and rinse my mouth. After brushing my teeth for a couple of minutes, I had to turn off the water, put the tooth brush back in the holder, and dry my hands and face. Performing this activity required a variety of functional skills. Motor skills including posture, mobility, coordination, strength and effort, and energy are needed to perform this activity, along with process skills including energy, knowledge, temporal organization, and organizing space and objects (Hersch, Lamport, & Coffey, 2005). Some of the specific skills used to perform the activity are described below:

1. Gross motor skills (using the larger muscles in the

body)-walking to the bathroom

2. Fine motor skills (small muscle movements)- turning on

the light switch, picking up the tooth brush, removing

the cap, squeezing the tooth paste, grasping the handle

to turn the water on and off, and putting the tooth

brush back in the holder.

3. Cognitive skills- choosing the appropriate tooth brush,

knowing what to do with the tooth brush, and turning on

the cold water.

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